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So what is barbershop exactly.  Is it only music from a specific era?

Barbershop is not an era.  It is a style of singing good music - music that lends itself to vocal harmonies - from any era.  We sing songs across a wide variety of the musical spectrum. For a more detailed description of the barbershop style of singing, see our What Is Barbershop? page.



OK, so what songs exactly do you sing?

Click the following link to see our Current Repertoire.



How much personal time will it take?

The Northland Chorus meets every Monday from 7:00 - 9:30 pm.  Coffee and social time is from 9:30 - 10:00 pm.  Coffee is $1.00/cup - a bargain!  Proceeds go to our "Angel Fund" which is used to assist members who may be having difficulty affording our membership dues. Our season begins the first Monday after Labour Day and we wrap up with a year-end barbeque and social in early to mid-June. 


Two extra rehearsals per year apart from Monday nights are scheduled for the individual
sections to meet with their section leaders. These are usually held on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon (1:00 pm - 4:00 pm). Also, two Saturday rehearsals (9:30 am - 3:30 pm) are scheduled leading up to the annual spring show. During the week before our annual show, we meet nightly from Monday-Thursday. The dates for all extra rehearsals are announced in September. 


Some time spent rehearsing on your own is usually necessary in order to become proficient in your music.  Rehearsal happens every Monday night but practice happens at home!  Doing some homework is expected as part of your comittment to the chorus. 


Our goal is to rehearse not until we get it right, but until we cannot get it wrong!



Where do you meet?

Our rehearsal hall is the gymnasium at the Salvation Army building, 670 John St., Sault Ste. Marie ON.



What is the cost?

Dues are payable upon acceptance of your application for membership, then once per year.  Our "Angel Fund" which is used to assist members who may be having difficulty affording our membership dues.See Dues Table below.


Annual Dues for 2024/2025:


Adult New Member
First Year
$210 USD/
$296 CDN
Age 26 and over
Youth New Member
First Year
$10 USD/
$15 CDN
Age 25 and under
Adult Annual Renewal $210 USD/
$296 CDN
Age 26 to 74
Youth Annual Renewal $105 USD/
$148 CDN
Age 25 and under
Senior Renewal $157.50 USD/
$222 CDN
Age 75 and over



Do any members of the chorus live in Sault, Michigan?

Yes!  Members of the Northland Chorus live on the US side and cross the bridge to attend weekly rehearsals or performances.  Many of them carpool which reduces the impact of paying bridge fare.



Do I need a passport?

As rehearsals are all held in Canada, chapter members who are U.S. residents are strongly advised to carry a valid passport to expedite regular border-crossing.  Also, as performances and events occasionally occur in the U.S., chapter members residing in Canada are similarly advised to carry a passport when crossing the border.



How often do you perform?

In addition to the annual spring show, we perform in and around our area 6-10 times per year for local festivals, business events, service club meetings, conventions, church services, retirement and nursing homes, charitable or fundraising events for other local charitable organizations, as well as participating in Christmas and arts festival events.



What is the best time of year to join?

Although guests are welcome to attend a rehearsal or join the chorus at any time of year, perhaps the best time to consider joining is in the fall, when we are first starting up for a new season.  Starting with our first meeting of the new season on the first Monday after Labour Day, we hand out a package of sheet music and learning media to all members as we begin learning the music for the coming season together.  But there is never a bad time to join!



Do you meet during the summer months of July and August?

No, we do not.  Our last event of the season is a barbecue social which occurs around mid-June.  We are off from then until the first Monday after Labour Day.



What if I can't attend every rehearsal or every performance?

We understand that this is a hobby and that our members may sometimes have other commitments which sometimes conflict with chorus activities.  Nevertheless, members of the Chapter are normally expected to attend at least 75% of the regular rehearsals and 100% of the (rare) special rehearsals. We take attendance!  Members who are unable to attend a given rehearsal are asked to kindly notify the Music Director ahead of time.

For performances, we similarly understand that a member may not be able to attend every performance.  We poll the membership prior to every potential performance and only agree to sing if polling indicates enough singers are available.  While we expect members to attend most performances and most rehearsals, we take each situation individually and allowance is made for a member's other commitments.  Being unable to attend a few performances does not disqualify you for membership.



What is the audition procedure?

Admission to the Chorus is based on your ability and desire to sing. After you have attended a few rehearsals as a guest and if you feel you want to pursue membership in the chorus, a private evaluation and voice placement will be scheduled before you are offered an admission application. You will be asked to show that you possess the basic ability to carry a tune and to match pitch. You will be given every opportunity to succeed!  As part of this evaluation, you will be given advice as to which voice-part best suits your vocal timbre and range.



Do I have to be a great singer?

That would be nice but the short answer is no.  Good, maybe, but not great!

We are, after all, a singing organization, and so we are looking for men who possess a degree of singing skill, and men who will work enthusiastically at improving those skills using the many opportunities for musical growth that we provide.  We will offer you every tool needed for success.  It is up to you to use them!



How do I learn the songs?

Binders containing sheet music of all current repertoire are given to new members upon joining.  For those who indicate they want and can use them, part-predominant learning CD’s are also provided at a nominal cost of $2/CD. Learning tracks and sheet music are also made available to members via Google Drive and Dropbox links.

A new batch of music and CD's is handed out at the first Chapter meeting in September with the music we will learn for the coming season, along with a Rehearsal Master Plan showing the schedule of songs to be taught, the dates of extra rehearsals, and other important dates for the coming year.  Music is taught by the quartet teaching method and memorized through the member’s individual use at home of high-quality, part-specific learning tracks. Members are expected to be “off the music” (all words and notes memorized) by a specified mid-January date.



Do I have to know how to read music?

The ability to read music, while an asset, is not required. We will teach you!



Do you hold the sheet music when you perform?

Generally we do not hold sheet music during performances.  The best way to connect with an audience is to engage them with your complete attention.  That way, you can also see the director which he seems to feel is important!


An exception is made when the chorus sings at church services and at Christmas events.  There we sing specialized music that we don't do as often as our regular repertoire.  Many of our singers feel more comfortable holding the music at such performances.


On rare occasions, newer members still learning our repertoire are allowed to hold music at some of our more informal performances such as the biannual "Pie Gig" at Victoria Presbyterian Church - we provide an Soiree of Song in exchange for a Potpourri of Pie!  We generally expect members to be off the music to sing on the annual spring show.



Is there a uniform?

We have several different pieces of uniform, from casual shirts to a full-on tux.  Uniforms are provided at no charge but a refundable $50 deposit is charged when a uniform is issued. These uniforms remain the property of the Chorus. You will need your own black shoes. Members are responsible for dry cleaning and normal upkeep of uniforms.



When is the annual show?

Usually the first or second Saturday in April, subject to the availability of our guest quartet, and the need to avoid the Easter weekend.  It is always within a week of the first Saturday. Annual Shows are held at the Sault Commnity Theatre Centre in Sault Ste. Marie Ontario, located inside White Pines High School.



My question isn't in the above list.  Where can I ask a question?

Please submit a Contact Us Form or email the Music Director:




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